Sunday, July 17, 2011

Frosted Cakery inTower District

My daughter ordered this gluten free cake from  Frosted Cakery  in the Tower district.
the cake is beautiful but the taste was OK not great. the service on the other hand was BAD....
better off going to the store and buy a mix and bake it yourself, might not look as pretty but it will taste better


  1. Called and left a message with them wanted to talk to to someone about the bad service but no one care enough to return the call back:-((

  2. Heard great things about Frosted Cakery only to be disappointed with customer service. I called left a message to place an order and no one returned my call. I ended up ordering a cake elsewhere.

  3. Same here, I had heard nothing but good things about them and that they made gluten free cakes/cupcakes so I called. I had a horrible experience ordering and when i got home with cake and we cut it open it wasn't even the flavor we order! They are also way over prices it cost me $50 for a 8" cake that tasted like they used a store bought mix, I could of done that myself! Too bad I was...

  4. Kwei-mie, so sorry we missed your message. We really do care about our customer service and about our gluten free products. If you can please come by for a free gluten free cupcake, we would like your opinion on the taste. This has been a struggle on trying different combinations of flours to get it more like a wheat flour product. Also, we have several Celiac family members and are VERY interested in expanding our gluten free menu. During May/June we were overwhelmed with wedding business and found it difficult to respond to all our emails and messages, we have since hired more employees. Thank you for your constructive suggestions and I look forward to meeting you in person to offer you our new gluten free recipe cupcake. Beverly