Monday, July 18, 2011

Gluten-Free Pizza Restaurant in Roseville,CA

My daughter love the pizza from Steve's Pizza.
Every time she is in the Sacramento area she would always try to fine the nearest  Steve's Pizza.
Now that Joe and TK have moved to the Sacramento area, she found
Steve's Pizza

5080 Foothill Blvd. #5
Roseville, CA 95747

(916) 787-4311    
Fax - (916) 783-4321

So on our way back from Washington not only do we stopped to visit our kids we had to try the pizza.
here we are !


there he goes
The start of a gluten free pizza!

ready for the oven
out of the oven!

Bell Peppers,Italian Sausage,Black Olives,Mushrooms,Pepperoni,Cheese.
Pretty good gluten free pizza!!




  1. Very disappointed to keep seeing Steve's Pizza come up when I search for gluten free.The reviews are the best, but evidently they have beem closed for some time, they need to be removed from the site.

  2. I too was very disappointed to find they have closed.
    We have yet to find another Gluten Free Pizza place in Roseville. Good thing I make the best pizza crusts in my bakery...

  3. There is a new Pizza restaurant opening in Roseville and will have Gluten-Free crust. Looks like from their website they will be open in December 2013. They are modeling their pizza restaurant after Chipotle. Check their website: and follow them at to get invited to their grand opening