Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gluten Free Vietnamese Noodle Soup in Bothell, WA.

What the Pho!
Bothell / Canyon Park:

 Pho: a Vietnamese Noodle Soup
Saw this place in the shopping center where Jim and I are working this week, hehehehe, we just love the name :o)

Lunch at What the Pho! Today, LOL

#9 #9 what Jim ordered
9. Pho Tai*
Fresh Rice Noodles with Eye Round Steak

PHO  Vietnamese Noodle Soup
Fresh Rice Noodles served with Bean Sprouts, Basil, Jalapeno Slices & Lime

Bubble TeaFlavored  Mango tea blended with ice and non-dairy creamer with  Coconut Jelly
My was #25
25. Pho Ga
Fresh Rice Noodles with strips of Chicken Breast

 Jim said this by far is the best Pho he had. the broth was fresh and the meat was not tough.
My chicken was pure white meat and lots of it! I think I had more meat then noodles.
the place was clean and the service was fast and friendly.

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