Friday, July 29, 2011

Fabulous crepes, hold the gluten

Guest post written by Whitney Carlson

Once in a while I like to make sure to give my family a really special treat. Most of the time those treats are just boxes of chocolate candy. But I thought that this time I would do something extra special for everyone. Our daughter Lily was just told that she's gluten intolerant, so I decided to make something this weekend for all of us that she would be able to enjoy too.

I went online to figure out something that would be nice for a Sunday morning breakfast. While I was looking online through recipes, I actually came across some and when I looked through them a little bit, I ordered one of them for our household.

I decided on fixing some gluten free crepes and I think that they were a really big hit. I also set up a little assembly line of toppings so that everyone could figure out what they wanted on their crepes.

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